Display the user who archived (or marked for archiving) a page and when

Users would like to easily check on an archived page, who archived it or who marked (labeled) it for archiving and when.

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    Elisabeth Auburger

    Same for us. For audit we need the information who manually started archiving and also, who selected pages for archiving.

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    Aron Gombas

    UPDATE: We have released the Better Content Archiving app's cloud version just a few weeks ago. It addresses many points criticized in the Data Center version, including also this one.

    (Our plan is that, if there is interest, we will back-port the most valuable changes from the Cloud version to the Data Center one.)

    When someone marks a page for archiving In the cloud version, the app records not only the date when the page should be archived, whether only this page or also its descendants should be archived, but also the ID of the user who marked it for archiving and the timestamp when. All these can be viewed in the UI:

    It gets even better!

    Because all this information is available as CQL fields, you can run CQL searches like the following examples.

    Example 1: Which pages are marked in these two spaces for archiving by me?

    space in (foo,bar) 
    arch.archivingDate.setBy = currentUser()

    Example 2: Which pages were marked for archiving anywhere on the site in the last 5 days?

    arch.archivingDate.setOn > now("-5d")

    These are just examples, make sure you read our CQL searches page for more inspiration.

    🔥 Try this in action now!

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