Ask the user to give value to certain variables before exporting the PDF

Before exporting, the user will be asked to provide values for certain variables. These values can be then represented in the document without any changes or they can be used to alter the rendering process in various ways (e.g.: if a user-given value is 1 then the background will be purple). The variables can be required or optional and their type can be number, text, date, etc.

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    Niall O'Donnell


    Some example use cases:

    • When generating release notes: allow a user to tick a "Draft" box (i.e., set a boolean value within the template) which generates a modified PDF for draft/pre-release release notes.
    • When generating install instructions: allow a user to provide general supporting comments, specify/confirm software versions, etc.
    • Allow a user to specify the information security classification of a document at time of generation (e.g., reporting sensitive information may require the addition of "CLASSIFIED").

    At present, superusers/admins must manually modify the PDF template to change the value of a report variable. Adding this functionality would significantly improve the usability and efficiency of report variables for end users.

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    Ben van den Berg

    It may be a different request and/or add to this requested functionality. 
    the additional request is to be able to validate specific variables and permissions with issue fields and permissions.
    If the condition does not pass, display an error message to the user, without generating the document. This will also reduce the document generated by your serves which is currently generated to communicate the message to the end-user. 

    Use cases:

    1. A user doesn't have the required permission to generate an issue if the user is not the reporter or the assignee. 
    2. Certain issue fields are empty (not completed) or do not meet validation conditions.
    3. Generate a specific document only for a specific issue type or status condition.
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