Backport the View Log screen from the Cloud version

Users would like to capture all warnings/errors logged during a PDF export, especially the logs produced by Groovy scripts to help the debugging process.

A screen for the Execution history (as in Adaptavist Scriptrunner) or a backported View Log screen from the Cloud version would be beneficial.

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    Aron Gombas

    There is this general-purpose Jira app that displays you all the Jira log entries:

    I'm not seeing why it couldn't be used to view the log entries produced by the Groovy scripts executed by the PDF renderer.

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    Ian Brown

    While the above link to the Last Log for Jira add-in is useful (i.e. far superior that manually getting the log files), having the logged errors that are exclusive to Better PDF Exporter appear on a View Log screen would be simpler.

    However, an even more user-friendly solution would be if the logged errors showed up on the automatically-generated PDF (that shows the stack trace) - that would be an even bigger time saver.

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