"Confirm" quick action for not viewed pages

Updating the page does not work for customers who are visiting a not viewed page from a notification email or the Content quality statistic, because the URL still has the "ap_novt=1" parameter.

Therefore it is either necessary to alter the URL before refreshing (not very user-friendly) or to open the page again using the page tree on the left (also not very user-friendly) or open the page for editing, make some change and save. All these are suboptimal for users.

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    Stella Schneider

    Hi Levente,

    thank you for this request.

    For me, this is really important, since if you get a notification email that a page was not viewed recently and that it will be archived soon, and you think that the page is still relevant, then there is no possibility to tell the system that. (Except for overcomplicated workarounds you described above...)
    So the page would be archived anyway, even though it shouldn't.
    In contrast to that, if a page is expired there is the possibility to "confirm" a page.

    Therefore a "confirm" button for not-viewed pages is utterly necessary!

    Then it would be consistent throughout the whole app and no one wonders why there isn't the possibility to confirm a page.

    This would also facilitate the handling of the app for many users. It has to be as easy and intuitive as possible and currently it is not!

    Please let me know, if you will add that button soon. Because if not, I have to alter the user manual on how to confirm a not-vieed page.

    Kind regards
    Stella Schneider

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    Aron Gombas

    (Internal note: it could be implemented by reloading the same URL but without the ap_novt request parameter. It would update the last view and force refreshing the status, too. Or by offering the "Confirm" quick action when the status is "Not viewed".)

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