Publish a REST API

As a user, I'd like to export Excel files through a REST API, instead of starting the exports manually from the UI.

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    Soporte Ferrovial


    We are planning to migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud and among other plugins we also want to migrate Better Excel but we are encountering a major problem: Better Excel Automation is not available in Cloud.

    We already know that this plugin is not available in Jira Cloud because Atlassian doesn't allow the full integration of plugins as it did in Jira Server.

    Currently, in Jira Server we use Excel Automation at the beginning of each month to generate various reports in Excel, if we don't have this option any longer, we will have to do it manually and it's a big workload, an alternative could be maybe accessing Better Excel from an API or using other plugins such as ScriptRunner (or similar) to make calls to Better Excel...

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