Create a direct link between the fresh space and the archive space

Customers (especially those less experienced with Confluence) need an easy-to-find, direct link from the fresh space to the archive space if one exists.

The customer said:

[We need] a space shortcut in the current space to the archive space when the archive space is created on the Move archive mode.  We need to be able to reference the archived space from the current space for users with less experience with Confluence.

Some of our users are quite "less Confluence-savvy" as you put it, and often use a direct link to our Confluence pages, and therefore never see the "Home page". Also, the direct link is not often a smart link, so when the page is moved to an archive space, the link might be broken and they will not understand how to find it again. It will be much easier for us admins to explain/educate the users to "click on the archive space link" than it is to explain that they have to go to the URL and type in .../display/<key>Archive.

[The link could be placed] on the Home page in the fresh/current space, but preferably as a space shortcut in the margin to the left in the same way that Confluence does How-To articles and Troubleshoot articles. See attachment.



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    Erik Hem

    Precisely what we need in our Confluences. The archiving function is great on paper since we need to store documentation as read only in minimum 5 years after the system is shut down, but is should not clutter the fresh space anymore.

    However, without this feature it is very difficult for the not IT/Confluence experienced user to find the Archive. Since the key to the archive is <key fresh space>Archive, it should be possible to auto generate space shortcut to the new archive once the archive space is first created.

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    Stella Schneider

    We need this too!

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