Make content searchable by publishing their status and other details as CQL fields

The requester described his use case like this:

"I would like to be able to use CQL in a macro to display expired pages (or soon to be expired pages)."

Note that this feature is (will be) available in the Cloud version. If there is interest, we can back-port it to the Data Center version.

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    Alan Leidner


    This is a request to backport the feature to datacenter. We have requests to feature pages that are out of date, or soon to be out of date on custom CQL queries on team pages, so that individual users can see the upcoming pages that need to be updated.

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    Aron Gombas

    UPDATE: We have released the Better Content Archiving app's cloud version just a few weeks ago. It addresses many points criticized in the Data Center version, including also this one.

    (Our plan is that, if there is interest, we will back-port the most valuable changes from the Cloud version to the Data Center one.)

    In the cloud version, the status field and many others (we're in the midst of adding a new set of those!) are available in CQL queries:

    Not only you can use it for search, but any macro that accepts a CQL query as input will be able to work our apps' fields.

    In the screenshot above there is a dashboard page where multiple macro instances are used to produce page lists!

    🔥 Try this in action now!

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