Send notification to recipients using an if-exists-otherwise logic

Users would like to choose an alternative recipient if the original is missing (not disabled user).


1. Send notification to page owner/supervisor
2. If page owner/supervisor doesn't exist, send to author/last modifier/admin



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    Martin Stirnberg

    This would be a great feature! Ideally, you could bring all possible recipients in an order, and select how many notifications you want to generate, i.e.:

    Generate notifications for the first two existing persons in this list:

    - Owner
    - Supervisor
    - Last Modifier
    - Author

    So if there is no owner, but a supervisor then notifications would be sent to Supervisor and Last Modifiert. If neither owner nor supervisor is set, it would generate notificatiopns for Last modifier and author. If owner and supervisor are set, then it would send notifications for Owner and Supervisor.

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    Jan Peters

    I would appreciate the feature as described by Martin Stirnberg too.

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    Erik Ekengren

    Yes this would be a great feature for my company too.

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    Dick Starmans

    I actually tried to modify the #if ...   ... #elseif  in the notification email template to try to establish a cascading system. It didn't work, alas.

    In my effort I was searching for a way that would first look at owner, then if not available, look at last modifier, then if not available look at the original author. 

    Sadly in my case, sometimes even the original author is not available, which would then require me to have the (numerous) notifications myself.

    I can very much relate to the OP's plea, perhaps with a bit of customisation in the handling and choosing of the notification recipients.

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