Support getting JQL used for the export

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    Ian Brown

    Lack of support for this functionality is presently a road-block for us migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.

    We have slowly been working through the issues created by Atlassian’s decision to force users to the Cloud and the changes in behaviour that this has brought to Better PDF Exporter. As such, we only became aware of the loss of the JQL query in the Cloud version a couple of days ago.

    The reason that the JQL query is critical for us is because we use Better PDF Reporter to create Quality records for our Quality Management System (we are ISO 13485 compliant). As part of our QMS we need to be able to provide evidence that we have followed our processes. Each of our templates can be used with dozens of different types of queries, and any report generated by our templates needs to verified to confirm that we are following our processes. We have written Groovy scripts to parse the JQL query to confirm that it was specified correctly. This process has been working very well on Jira Server. But without this verification, we have no way of providing evidence that the report contains what it is required to contain.

    Until this functionality is brought back to Better PDF Exporter, we cannot migrate to Jira Cloud.

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