Add label to pages to help user self-filtering

Allow a optional configuration flag which will automatically set (and unset) labels to pages according to their archival states.

This would allow users to create Child Page reports that include those pages which "Need some attention" by simply filtering for that label.

labels could be (for example):

  • "needsReview" - For pages without changes older than expiry but not archived - Label removed when page edited 
  • "archiveRequested" - For pages with the hashtag comments #archive - Label removed when page is fully archived 
  • "rarelyViewed" - For pages that were not viewed for the duration indicated; this label is sticky
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    Kathryn Reddie

    Adding a label of 'archive' automatically also means that a senior manager can send an email with the label link (etc) for staff to review, requesting the work be done by xx date.

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    Kathryn Reddie

    My users don't have access to the Content Quality nor space tools - nor do I want them to.
    I manually run the archiving job on approval from the senior leadership group of my company, so nothing is archived without me pressing the button to run it manually.
    I'd like to be able to run the 'not viewed' job, and add a label automatically to all pages that have not been viewed for a specific amount of days.
    The label can be anything - preferably 'archive'. That way, the users can review the not viewed pages via the archive label, and just remove the archive label should they want to keep the page in the live space.

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