Do not overwrite already replicated pages when archiving descendants

The user would like to maintain different content on the home page of the live and archive spaces. Every time a descendant page gets archived, manual changes to the replicated home page in the archive space are lost. The user would like to be able to disable replicating the home page if it is already there in the archive space. (This feature does not need to be specific to the home page.)

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    Jürgen Buchinger

    I would be very interested in this function.
    For Example:

    Pages I want to archive are a child from a space home page.
    The space home page includes macros, that shows access rights in form of user lists.
    The archived space must have other rights as the original space, so the userlists also must have other members. Therefore I modified the archive space home page to show the correct user lists.
    Every archiving process the original space home page is copied to the archive space and overwrites the modified archive space home page. So the modified archive home page goes lost every archive process.
    It would be very nessecary to exclude a single ancestor page from this behavior to avoid this page to be overwritten.
    Best regards, Jürgen

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    Aron Gombas

    Hmm, we consider modifying content in the archive space an anti-pattern. The app doesn't expect that...

    Can't you eventually capture that information in the fresh version of the page? (Like having two lists "Who has access?" and "Who has access to the archive?" or similar.)

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    Jürgen Buchinger

    Hi Aron, I also understand your point of view. Basically, your suggestion to display both user tables (Live Space and Archive Space) on the Space Home page would be a workable solution.

    Normally, the permissions in Live Space and Archive Space are identical, so no problem.

    In my current use case, however, this is not possible.
    The Archive Space should not be accessible to the same users as the Live Space. That's why I have different rights. People who are not allowed to see the Archive Space should not know that the Archive Space exists.

    If I were to list a separate user list for the Archive Space, this would be a clear indication of the Archive Space. 

    Regards, Jürgen


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