Excel export for the Content Quality Statistics table (in space scope and globally)

Users want to share this with other people occasionally.

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    Nate Taylor

    I have a lot of groups that I could use this feature to show them what pages have not been viewed or have expired and set up review meetings to get their content up to date.

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    Laura Sheppard

    We have over 60 spaces, and space owners for each of them. 

    I hope that most of the space owners will act on the notifications they receive automatically from the tool. But, I do anticipate that many of them won’t, and I need a way to look at all the spaces and visually show which ones are in the green and which need to do some work so I will send progress reports/status on the spaces probably quarterly.

    I was hoping for an export feature into Excel, just so that I could get a well-formatted and consistent report each time I do it and not have to fiddle with the data each time.

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