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Aron Gombas Aug 16 Midori Announcements

We are proud to announce that JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.3.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

Support for Gliffy

You can export the high resolution Gliffy diagrams that illustrate your issues to PDF documents. Gliffy diagrams will be core part of your issue exports, just like image attachments.

View names in the "Export" drop-down in any language

View names can now contain alphanumeric characters from any language, from German to Japanese. This was previously limited to the English characters only. Finally, you can offer native language experience for your team.


Aron Gombas Jul 13 Midori Announcements

We are happy to announce that Commit Policy Plugin for Bitbucket is now ready for production use.

The add-on has already been available for download for 7 months, and there wasn't any significant bugs found during this period. Therefore, we are marking this version as GA.


  • No more "At least one commit ID must be provided to retrieve changesets" messages when trying to push empty change lists (ex: tags only)
  • Broken link fixed in the "Application Link not found" popup



Aron Gombas Jul 13 Midori Announcements

We are happy to announce that Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA 2.0.1 is now publicly available at Atlassian Marketplace!


  • JQL conditions are evaluated faster and using less memory, particularly in JIRA instances with tens or thousands of hundreds of issues



  • No more ClassCastException is thrown during condition evaluations, in environments using Crowd for user management
  • When JQL conditions are evaluated, user name is printed instead of user key (i.e. user account renames are handled in the expected way)
  • VCS usernames are allowed to contain '@' characters



Aron Gombas Jun 28 1 Archiving Plugin: Feature Requests

This would be an early notification so that their first emails will not come as surprise.

Ferenc Kiss Jun 13 Midori Announcements

Midori is proud to announce that the Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 2.0.0 is generally available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

Built-in Groovy editor

Quick editor to make changes in the Groovy scripts.

Support for Visual Basic macros

Utilize VBA to enhance your exports with dynamic behavior (format, update, post-process content) and interactions (ex: display alerts).

Auto-conversion for all date values

All date type system fields (creation date, resolution date, etc.) and custom fields (date picker, date time picker) are automatically transformed to Excel's date representation. (Check the upgrade guide if you used formulas with dates previously!)

User export

Use the new export option to export all user account information to Excel.


  • User-friendly warning message when trying to export more issues than the limit
  • Correct file extension and MIME type for XLSX, XLSM and XLS templates
  • "mt:autosize" tag can resize rows only, columns only or both
  • Support for the "creator" field
  • View names can contain alphanumeric characters in any language
  • Guide for non-English versions of Excel



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